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POST GAME THOUGHTS: A&M loses a close one

The Aggies fall to Georgia, 19-13: this one stings

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve written a lot of post games. This one is more difficult to write because I know that we are close to being the program that we want to be. This was a winnable game against a damn good opponent and we just didn’t get it done. In all of our other losses this year I was perfectly comfortable saying that the other team was just flat out better that day. Man, today I just can’t. For a variety of reasons. Let’s get into it.


Pardon my French but there was a lot of shitting on Kellen Mond in the first half on twitter. Some of it was understandable, he had a couple of delay of game penalties and missed a few throws and we were down 10. I kind of get it.

In the second half though, we only handed the ball off twice. We put the game in Kellen’s hand and said “go win the damn thing” and we almost got there. Think about that. We handed the ball off twice in the second half, and still almost beat them.

I’ll say it till I’m blue in the face. Kellen is not a problem.

We finished the game with -1 rushing yards. Despite almost winning, its pretty obvious that you’re not going to win a road game against a top 4 opponent with stats like that.

The scheme continues to be an issue. Going shotgun on fourth and short. Slow developing plays. The desire to control time of possession when we know that this offense performs better if we just stop worrying about the clock and let things rip.

We should have won this game. The offense was good enough to win this game despite -1 rushing yards.


We held Georgia to 130 rushing yards (not counting sacks). Jake Fromm was less than 50% for 163 yards. The defense was good enough to win this game. Despite a few short fields from shanked punts, the defense was good enough. This might have been the best game I’ve seen from our front seven in I don’t even know how long—against one of the best offensive lines in the SEC.

Madubuike, Peevy, O’Neal, Johnson, Hines—all played lights out today.


When you don’t play your best game (and we did not play our best game) you run the risk of things being out of your hands. And today the refs absolutely affected the outcome of the game. Whether it was not blowing Wydermyer’s stretching for extra yards down, or the awful spot when Kellen got that first down, or the lack of a PI call for Ausbon, or holding or the GOD AWFUL FACEMASK ON THEIR FIRST DOWN WHERE THE WR LITERALLY RIPPED RENFRO DOWN...we didn’t get any calls today.


Man this f’ing sucks. This was the game. And we were close.

Jimbo is building something special here. I hope you saw that tonight. We knew this season was going to be full of growing pains and I sure as hell am feeling them. But we’re building something here.

BTHO lsu