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A&M coasts to a win over UTSA to get their 6th win

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 2 UTSA at Texas A&M Photo by Daniel Dunn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The game didn’t really start the way we had intended but it certainly ended the way we had all hoped. Dominant win where our backups got plenty of playing time, including our former QB turned RB getting few carries (which I find weird as heck but hey I’m all about the weird) to end with a 30+ point win. Let’s break it down.


The A&M defense was missing a few players, specifically Demani Richardson and Elijah Blades. We gave up 132 yards in the first quarter and went down 7 to nothing. But Elko’s defense locked in and made adjustments and gave up less than 100 the rest of the way. The defense ended up giving up 93 yards on 36 carries, and 138 through the air with 12.5 per completion. UTSA’s quarterback Narcisse had a few good runs around the edge, and we struggled to get home on our sacks, but I cant really complain about too much. Solid game against a team that we should have a pretty damn solid performance against.


How about Isaiah Spiller. 20 carries for 217 yards and tying Trayveon Williams for the true freshman record. And more than anything about about explosive run plays on the ground to the tune of more than half of his yards. And what pleased me more than that was that this makes, what, our third straight game where Spiller held on to the ball after giving up costly turnovers early in the season. Great day for this future star.

Mond had a solid day, finishing 16/21 (76%) for 211, with 1 TD. He missed a few throws, but distributed the ball well completing passes to 5 different WRs. The emergence of Wydermyer as a legitimate offensive threat is just fantastic news for us going into a tough stretch of games. Wydermyer finished with 4 catches for 52 yards and 1 TD.

Let’s talk briefly about Zach Calzada. I’ve been saying for a while that calling for him to start was silly, but it’s also remarkably unfair to Zach. He’s going to be really good. He’s just not ready. That pick 6 he threw was a bad play and he’ll learn from it. Talent is there, and with time he’ll be a good player for us.

Last thing. Early in the year we had some redzone issues. Before that last drive with the backups in A&M was 10/10 on TDs in our last 10 redzone trips. We’re getting better and better


Four game season, and right now we’re 1-0. We’re a game behind where I hoped we’d be this year, but I didn’t know Auburn was going to be as good as it was. This team has gotten better and better week in and week out, and we haven’t peaked yet. Timing sets up well for us to take care of business down the stretch.

BTHO south carolina.