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Weird game. But a good game.

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Texas A&M John Glaser-USA TODAY Sports

Weird game. This game felt discombobulated from the start as evidenced by our inability to put them away early, but then we exploded with a 17 point fourth quarter to finally put the nail in the coffin. Lots of things to talk about—some good some bad, so let’s get to it quickly:


I didn’t think Kellen looked all that sharp today. He started off hot, going 10/12 on his first few passes, but then finished the game 20/33 for 221 with 1 TD. The good news is that he played a clean game and made good decisions for the most part, but I thought he didn’t have as good of a game as we’re going to need him for us to, say, beat Georgia next week.

That being said, I’m pretty confused about our in game play calling. Our mix of run/pass in game is weird. It’s conservative, it’s somewhat predictable, and it’s just odd. We’ll get into the redzone and throw the ball 3 straight times when our RBs are chewing up yards. Then we’ll run three straight times after a penalty on first down and end up punting.

Speaking of penalties, it felt like we played a somewhat sloppy game. Specifically I’m thinking of two straight false starts putting us at 1st and long and basically neutering any chance we had to make something happen.

But let’s talk about something positive. Our run game has started to come on. Take a look

Auburn: 56 yards
Arkansas: 90 yards
Alabama: 125 yards
Ole Miss: 172 yards
Miss St: 207 yards
UTSA: 267 yards
South Carolina: 319 yards

That’s a helluva progression. Spiller had 24 carries for 129, Richardson had 6 carries for 130, and Kellen added 10 carries for 47 yards. We can win a lot of games with a rushing attack like that. Great night for our running game.


Hilinski was 16/41 for 175 yards. South Carolina only got 45 yards on the ground. That’s a helluva night for our defense. Yeah South Carolina isn’t exactly an offensive juggernaut, but holding any SEC opponent to 200 ish yards is pretty darn impressive. Defense kept the team in the game long enough for the offense to come alive and get stuff done. Great night for Mike Elko’s squad.


2-0 in the month of November so far. It’s time to get ready for this two game stretch—that can define this season as being a resounding success or ending with kind of a thud. Gonna be an exciting couple of weeks.

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