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Fiesta Longhorn Playlist: It’s Back! Under the Covers Vol. IV

The thing no one ever asks for

It is getting late and I have been moving for the past 4 days so I am just about completely worn out. I say this and then my friend of friends, Wesley (aka @thacktor,) messages me a very simple message.

Now, I know most of you look at this innocuous tweet and think nothing of it. Some others may think, oh that is nice, Wes is reminding Evan that it is Halloween, and he is thinking of his buddy even though he is far away. While these are reasonable guesses, they are all completely wrong. This tweet is a reminder of a nearly two decade running gag between me and one of my best friends.

Yes, that is right Ags, the McRib is BACK! The elusive McDonald’s sandwich has made it’s glorious return just in time for an early morning kickoff. Wesley and I message each other every single time this happens, and it is honestly a race to see who will do it first.

Now, loyal reader you may ask how am I going to tie this into anything playlist or Aggie related. Well, I am glad you asked. The “Under the Covers” title is the only recurring playlist I have done every year, it’s all about good covers, and maybe some bad. Now, back to the McRib, the “bringing back” of the McRib is an incredibly clever ruse by McDonald’s to attack the commodities market. When pork prices hit a certain price, Mick-E-Dees buys the absolute shit of of pork trimmings. Who knew random pork parts were such a hot market? So McDonald’s just makes an elaborate marketing campaign to cover the fact that they are buying pork pieces at a substantially low price, to make a rib(?) shaped patty. HAPPY HALLOWEEN AMERICA!

The best part of this joke between Wes and I is that neither of us have ever tried one. I think it will be our death pact. Whoever goes out first, the other will eat one at the funeral just laughing hysterically laughing, and then probably dying of the sugars.

So, like I said the Under the Covers series is all covers. No need for descriptions because pretty much every song is well known. a few highlights are Charles Bradley covering Black Sabbath, Sleigh Bells covering Nirvana, Hot 8 Brass Band covering Joy Division and the absolutely stunning cover of Prince/Sinead O’Connor by Chris Cornell. I love weird and wacky and covers are a place I love to dig. Oh hell here is one more that isn’t on Spotify.

11 AM kicks suck, but so does playing a subset of the team we should be playing. PLAY THE GAME! Be safe, have fun and BTHO utsa!