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Rejected concepts for Aggie tradition-themed uniforms

And you thought the ring cleats were over the top

The Aggie internet was set ablaze on Wednesday when it was revealed that Texas A&M would wear Aggie Ring-themed cleats when they take on UT-San Antonio this Saturday at Kyle Field.

But as with any design process, the finished product is markedly different from the original idea, and wasn’t even the only concept that was developed. Thanks to Good Bull Hunting’s deep connections in the textile industry, we are excited to give you this exclusive look at the rejected concepts for Texas A&M’s tradition-themed cleats.

Elephant Walk

Elephant Walk, like most A&M traditions, can sound a bit absurd when explained (insert “from the outside looking in” quote here). And a difficult to explain tradition, deserves an even more difficult to understand cleat. Despite the positive feedback among Aggies, the A&M leadership decided that PETA hated them enough as it is.

E. King Gill

Nothing embodies Texas A&M football like the tastefully sized Bravos-inspired E. King Gill statue outside Kyle Field. As an homage to this Aggie icon, Adidas developed these bronzed cleats. These were quickly scrapped, as playability become an issue due to the added weight.

CEO Celebration

There are three things Aggies are most known for: a rich military history, and cloning successful CEOs. This cleat aimed to honor these brave individuals (the CEOs, not the military heroes) with the shoe of their people, including “Trust Me, I’m a CEO” cufflinks at the top lace loop. Despite a solid concept, it was scrapped after several players described it as “the ugliest f***ing cleat” they’d ever seen.

Reaction on the Aggie Ring cleats as been mixed, but I think we can all agree that based on the available options, they chose the right one. And hey, and least they didn’t decide to go with this: