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Aggies dominate at home thanks to a nearly perfect offensive performance.

Mississippi State v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

It took me a while to think back on the last time we took control of a game against the SEC team on the way to a dominant win. Maybe Arkansas 2016? Doesn’t really matter. This was a big time win today. I know the Bulldogs are struggling right now, but this team has had its own set of challenges putting away teams like this and we got it done.

Moreover, this is the first time since 2013 that we’ve managed to win both games against the Mississippi teams. That’s a big step in getting to where we want to be. Let’s break this down


Not the cleanest day for our run defense. A week after giving up 250 to Ole Miss we came back and gave up almost the same amount to Bulldog team that had been struggling all year. We were missing a few players, but I dont think it was enough to get beat quite that bad.

Pass defense was ok...Shrader was 13/30, but also he had 3 TDs through the air. We got eaten alive by the big play in the passing game, which is concerning given the progress our DBs had made throughout the year.

On the positive side, we forced three turnovers, which gave us some room to struggle a bit. You can win a lot of games when you’re +3 in the turnover margin.


Kellen Mond was 17/23 (73%!) for 234 with 3 TDs through the air with no INTs. He also added 9 carries for 76 yards and 2 TDs on the ground. That’s a helluva game for Kellen. We were 6 for 6 in the red zone with TDs too. Just a fantastic game for the offense.

And what helped was his WRs making tough grabs too. Wydermyer seems to be emerging at the right time. Davis had a couple of huge YAC type catches. Ausbon made some tough grabs, and it seems like good tough take no prisoners Kendrick Rogers is coming out at the right time. Great game.

The running backs played pretty damn well today too. Spiller had 22 carries for 90 yards and Richardson added 6 tough carries for 28 yards. We still lack that home run threat, but we’ve absolutely got some thumpers on that side of the ball.

Best offensive performance we’ve had under Jimbo Fisher by far.


This is almost the perfect set up. Good solid win, but with plenty of stuff for the coaches to yell about. Cupcake next week then what should be a tough game against South Carolina. Great day today. Great freaking day.

BTHO utsa