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Texas A&M Basketball Adds Two 2020 Recruits

Top-100 PG Hassan Diarra and three-star SG LaDamien Bradford were added to the fold on Friday, adding a great deal of athleticism and versatility to an exciting class

NCAA Basketball: SEC Basketball Tipoff Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

The recruiting cycle truly never stops. Amidst the buildup to the 2019-2020 season, Buzz Williams secured the services of two additional guards for the 2020-2021 class.

Let’s meet the new guys, shall we?

Hassan Diarra, Putnam CT (PG - 6’2” 180lbs)

National Rank: 64 Position Rank (PG): 11 State Rank (CT): 1

There is absolutely no doubt about our intentions, here - we made Diarra our priority from the word “go.” We were rewarded for our efforts, securing the services of a highly recruited Top-100 four-star guard.

Diarra will be an instant asset on next year’s squad - a point guard truly interested in running an offense than can beat his defender off the dribble with ease. His shooting numbers are nothing special, but should keep defenses a little more honest than the likes of, say, Dash Harris. Like his shooting, the rebounding and defending are said to be solid, not spectacular, for his position.

He should instantly challenge for rotation minutes next season.

LaDamien Bradford, Jonesboro LA (SG - 6’4” 170lbs)

National Rank: 285 Position Rank (SG): 67 State Rank (LA): 4

There does not appear to be a crazy story about us recruiting this dude in the middle of the night, but no matter - after an official visit on Friday, we secured his services. Bradford has a unique background, per TexAgs’ Logan Lee

Bradford was a point guard as he started his basketball career, but after a growth spurt, he can now usually be found playing off the ball at the wing. His strengths are considered to be his court vision and getting in the paint to finish at the rim.

However, he has greatly improved his outside shot and continues to hone his ball-handling skills from his point guard days. His ability to play multiple positions around the perimeter fits perfectly into the style of play and the type of recruit Buzz looks for in a player.

Buzz continues to stockpile versatility and athleticism on the Aggie roster. With the addition of the Louisiana native, the maroon and white will find themselves with more speed, athleticism and scoring ability along the perimeter. Not only does this add to depth at the offensive end, but Bradford is a recruit that has the ability to create havoc on defense.

In short, this add appears to strengthen the two hallmarks of Buzz’s early time on campus - stockpiling versatility and athleticism.


News like this is a healthy reminder of what this campaign represents. Sure, instant success would be nice, but the most critical piece is a clear notion that something better (and sustainable) is being built.

We certainly appear to have taken another step in that direction.