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Aggies sneak out of Oxford with a win

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Mississippi Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

We won an SEC game on the road. I’m happy about that. This was about as much of a “must win” as A&M has had in quite some time, and we got it done. At the end when we needed plays we got them. I’m not tremendously happy with the way that it all went down but it could be worse in that we could have given up 40+ to Kansas.


Kellen had a pedestrian 16/28 for 172 yards with 1 TD and 2 INT kind of night. One of the INTs wasn’t his fault, but the other one woo buddy it was definitely his fault. Awful play. To be fair, he was also sacked 4 times, and those 4 sacks don’t really do a good job of illustrating how much pressure he was under.

But on the flip side, Kellen is also our most effective run threat, so you take the good with the bad. Talk all you want to about a different QB but until you can find me someone who can average 5 yards a carry, I don’t want to hear it. Kellen and Isaiah combined for 31 carries for 154 yards, which is good enough to win, but not enough to be great. But it got the job done.

Odd thing was that Quartney Davis only had 1 reception for 15 yards, and was only targeted 3 times. Seems odd given how well he’s been playing.

At some point we need to have a lengthy conversation about whether our offensive scheme needs to change. Whether we need to see more RPOs, or QB runs on first down, but again, we won so that’s not tonight.


Chunk plays killed us. Ole Miss had 250 yards rushing, half of which came on three plays. That’s not good. Explosive plays killed us all night.

But you know what? We forced some turnovers. Got one INT and one forced fumble (returned by Buddy Johnson for the TD) which proved to be difference.

I’m not altogether pleased with the way the defense played, but again, it could be worse.


This is not a great team. It might not even be a good team. But none of that matters right now. We’re in our most important stretch of football, and we just need to get the damn thing done.

BTHO miss st.