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Ole Miss Playlist: A Curious Study in Tolerance

Let’s take a look at the oldest profession in the world

Vanderbilt v Mississippi Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

As I look back through the articles I’ve written about each of the SEC teams, there is a common thread with Ole Miss. For the most part, the Ole Miss game follows some very big let down. I know you #BatteredAggies just say it’s par for the course, but I am staying positive. The playlist is going to positive and this article is nothing but happiness, and Ms. Nellie Jackson!

Now I am sure everyone is wondering who Nellie Jackson is. She is the pride of Natchez, Mississippi and ran a brothel in plain sight for over 60 YEARS! You read that correctly, this sweet lady pictured above opened and operated a bordello, with full knowledge from the authorities, for over half a century. I don’t give a shit what you are doing, if you can keep a business open for that long you should get a statue in the town square or something.

The Mississippi Madam, as she was known by, is an incredibly intriguing figure. For years she was the toast of Natchez. She entertained politicians, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs and the who’s who of Mississippi elite. Now I could make a joke that the who’s who is a barn of 30 hissing possums, but I am all class. For Christ’s sake, the New Orleans Time Picayune wrote about her in the ‘40s, and said that, “Ms. Nelly and the Mississippi government is a curious study in tolerance.” (That should ring a bell) That was in the ‘40s, people still died en route from Mississippi to Louisiana in the ‘40s. That’s how famous this lady was.

There are so many things to love about this woman and her story. One, there were t-shirts all around Mississippi that said ‘Follow Me to Nellie's!’ Seriously, just shirts everywhere saying, let’s go to the whore house. Also, her love of poodles, Cadillacs, Mercedes, baseball and horse racing. And finally, her love on hating on all the miserable fucks that wanted to piss on her parade.

I wish I could say it was a happy ending with Ms. Nellie (it was 100% the opposite) but I encourage anyone who reads this article to go watch the documentary or read about her life. It is beyond fascinating, and I love stories like this.

Now, I know most will wonder how in the hell this relates to this weekend’s game other than the fact that she lived in Mississippi. And honestly, it doesn’t. But remember the title and the quote form the Times-Picayune, ‘A Curious Study in Tolerance.’ It’s a quote that has merit and the A&M fan base could stop and absorb for a second. Normally I write dumb lines and gifs, but every once in a while I realize we watch a game every Saturday that kids play. And all too often we take it way too seriously.

Look at Ms. Nelly: she was at the same time the belle of the ball and the bane of her town. That sound familiar Ags? Maybe we should just take a page out of her book and live loud, buy a Cadillac, be happy it’s football season, be safe, be loud and BTHO ole miss! #Gigs


1. Rebel Rebel- David Bowie

Come on, this is just too easy.

2. Be Fine- Madeon

Remember, this is a positive playlist

3. Idioteque- Radiohead (Live in Oxford)

My favorite song, from my favorite band from Oxford

4. Silver Lining- Mt. Joy

Always a silver lining guys

5. Bad Name- Gang Starr

Gang Starr is releasing it’s first album in 16 years!!!

6. You Don’t Have to be a Prostitute- Flight of the Conchords

7. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down- The Band

It’s the best The Band song period

8. Like Lighting- Foals

Another amazing band from Oxford!

9. Oxford Comma- Vampire Weekend

Is this Oxford bit getting old yet?

10. Twist the Knife- Chromatics

I know I said this was a positive playlist, but I love the Chromatics so forgive me

11. Fannie Likes 2 Dance- Merle (Jungle)

My name is Evan and I too live to dance

12. Alright- Supergrass

Our final band from Oxford, all were from the better Oxford across the pond. It was a lazy bit, I know

13. Que Tire Pa Lante- Daddy Yankee

Just google the translation

14. Bucking the System- Gucci Mane feat. Kevin Gates

Look at this album art, it’s GLORIOUS!

15. Oh My Bride- The Deadly Snakes

Hand claps (check) jangling guitar (check) call and response lyrics (double check) It’s possible this song was written just for me

16. Mississippi Queen- Leslie West & Mountain (Live)

The first 30 or seconds turns this 70’s classic is an incredible fuzz/sludge mess, and I am here for it. Also Leslie West is one of the more underrated American guitar players, he shreds