Top 10 Football Wishlist

As an avid Texas A&M fan, I would love Texas A&M to succeed in getting a spot in the College Football Playoff. I believe that the athletic administrators should add some of these teams to the future schedule to boost our chances of getting into the College Football Playoff. I also am putting down teams that Texas A&M has not played in a while or hasn’t even played at all. This could be either as a "home-and-home" series or just a one-time thing due to some football teams on this list having stadiums that can’t hold the capacity of the 12th Man.

For the College Football Playoff Committee:

1. Ohio State

As a wise coach once said to me: "If you want to be the best, you have to play the best." Every year ESPN and the AP poll believe if Ohio State can squeak out one or two wins within their division, they will be National Champions. Ohio State has the record of being a successful program with winning the College Football National Championship in 2014. In the 2018 season, they played Clemson in the semifinals in Dallas. (Home-and-Home series)

2. Michigan

Even though we played Michigan in the early and late 90s in bowls and such, I feel like Michigan has changed tremendously with the hiring of Jim Harbaugh and other players coming through the university. Michigan is almost always in the College Football National Championship talk if they could beat their rival Ohio State. (Home-and-Home series)

3. Penn State

This one isn’t on here because it would be a powerful opponent, don’t get me wrong. Penn State has been dominate in years past having gotten wins against both powers houses Ohio State (2016) and Michigan (2017). I put this on my dream list of future opponents because of the students and the fanbase of Penn State. It is very interesting to listen to how Penn State has one of the best student sections in all of college football. (Home-and-Home series)

4.Notre Dame

Notre Dame is a very successful team by being an independent school. They have wins against Michigan(2018) and USC (2019) in the last few years. I think that this a great school for A&M to play since both schools have great traditions such as Touchdown Jesus and the 12th Man. (Home-and-Home series)

For Fun and Glory:

5. Florida State

We start with, I think the easiest one to imagine with Jimbo Fisher as our current head coach. I feel like it would be a good game to watch seeing how Jimbo Fisher reacts with going back to Tallahassee to face his former team. (Home-and-Home series)

6. Army

Even though we have played them in the past, having a record against the Black Knights of 3-1 (1969,1972, 2006, 2008), I think that it would be a blast to have Army students and fans on campus showing off all the history of Texas A&M that it has to offer as a former all-male military academy. I think it would also be cool to opposing fans that they see all of the traditions that we have including Midnight Yell and March In. (Just a Home Game)

7. Navy

I feel like the reasons why I would love to host the Army are the same reasons that I would love to host Navy also. We get to show off how good our Corps of Cadets and football team are against some of the nation's best. (Just a Home Game)

8. Air Force

While including both Army and Navy on my list of dream opponents for Texas A&M to face, I could not leave out the last military academy: Air Force. Many people who have graduated from Texas A&M and went on to serve in the military in the Air Force would love this game and we would benefit from some pretty impressive pregame flyovers. (Just a Home Game)

For Old Times Sake:

9. Baylor

As a student, it is hard to travel to all the games that we play against opponents. I would love to just relax and take a 90-minute drive up Highway 6 to play our green and gold rivals. It would be cool to see all of the students that could make it up to Waco. I would also like to see a "College Station Take Over" of the streets of Baylor. Imagine having our entire Corps of Cadet march into McLane Stadium like we are going to war. (A Bi-Yearly Home-and-Home series)

10. The University of Texas or TU

I feel like this one needs no explanation. It is still on my list because of what fun the rivalry brings to the state of Texas and College Football. (A Yearly Home-and-Home series)

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