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This one is really simple

NCAA Football: Alabama at Texas A&M John Glaser-USA TODAY Sports

This one is really simple. Three phases to the game and one of them let us down in a big big way. Let’s get this over with so we can get on with the rest of our night.


We gave up 159 yards on kick returns. WE gave up 152 on punt returns. That’s 311 yards of free offense. Alabama’s average starting field position was the A&M 48. Our starting field position was the our own 23. Tua and his offense are too good for us to constantly give them a short field and have a prayer of winning the game. If you want to place blame anywhere, it’s on special teams. I have no idea why you keep kicking to Jaylen Waddle when he’s averaging 32 yards a return. Just no dang clue.


Tua finished 21-34 (61%) for 293 and 4 TDs. They ran for 155 on 31 carries. Aside from poor tackling in the secondary, the defense played ok today. Alabama has the best skill position players in the country. Just have to hang on for dear life.


Man if you want to blame this game on Mond then you need to reflect on what your expectations are. Aside from a missed pass to Kendrick Rogers early in the game, Mond had a gritty game where he made some tough throws and got the job done to the best level that his offensive line and lack of a running game would allow him to. 24/42 for 264 and 90 yards rushing. He accounted or 354 of our 389 yards.

The lack of a running game kills us. our running backs had 12 carries for 35 yards. Can’t win like that. No run game, QB being sacked 5 times with 4 hurries. Just can’t win like that.

I don’t like to call out specific players, but the personal foul penalty on Rogers late in the game seemed like a real backbreaker. Feels like any hope we had of maybe making the game competitive were lost at that point.


I think this team has the capacity to be pretty good. Three losses to the 1,2, and 12th team in the country. Hope we can learn from this and come back strong next week.

BTHO ole miss