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January 7th, 2019: The Reprieve of Misery

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The indignity of September is a little less painful after last night

College Football Playoff National Championship Presented By AT&T - Alabama v Clemson Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Last September was particularly bleak in comparison to where we stand now: the Aggies lost two games, and Alabama looked like a bionic threshing machine that was going to vaporize everyone in their path once again. We found a bit of solace with fellow September victims Red Cup Rebellion at the time. The pain faded slowly as the season progressed, but that air of inevitability surrounding Alabama remained. Until...

What happened?

by Jim

When we last checked in here, Alabama was ripping off victories with 50, 60, and sometimes 70 point wins. That decidedly did not happen on Monday night in the CFP championship, and it was hilarious to watch. Let Nick Saban wallow in the utter beat down that Dabo and the Tigers laid on him. Let Alabama fans despair at the top-to-bottom destruction that Clemson slammed down on their head. It was glorious, and the second half of the game was probably the most fun football viewing fans have witnessed all season.

The last time you and I checked in with each other in this regard, things were bleak. Alabama was (and still is) a killing machine. The Tide continued to killing-machine their way through the rest of the regular season and postseason, and they appeared apparently set to repeat as national champions. After all, Clemson ran roughshod through a weak ACC slate and hadn’t really faced a good test until the Tigers shellacked Notre Dame out of the Cotton Bowl.

Whether Bama came in cocky, or whether Clemson came in pissed the hell off, who knows. Either way, Clemson whipped the shit out of the Tide and it was one of the most satisfying college football things I’ve seen in the last five years, and I write for an Ole Miss blog

I don’t know what this national championship means, exactly, but it certainly feels important, and in any case I laughed a fucking lot on Monday night. Alabama got their ass kicked after doing that very thing all year, and I will go to work this week feeling utterly satisfied.

Who cares?

by Rush

Everyone kind of had their script loosely laid out in their head before last night kicked off. For me, Clemson would keep it close and interesting for about a half, possibly a bit more. Then that dreary old Bama inevitability would creep back in and the Tide would slowly pillow-suffocate the Tigers over the final quarter and a half. Trevor Lawrence would be rattled and make mistakes, and Bama would capitalize. Another year, another scowling Saban hoisting the trophy.

Except the opposite thing happened: we entered some bizarro wormhole sometime around the second quarter. Alabama was noticeably flustered, the coaches made poor decisions, the players did not execute, and the entire football team exhibited symptoms of being something completely other than the robotic killing machine that squashes every hope and dream in its path en route to its next joyless triumph.

Nick Saban doesn’t lose like this, except now he does. To hell with conference solidarity and the “S-E-C” chant: the rest of us who get routinely obliterated by Alabama Football on a yearly basis were in a state of ecstasy watching this infallible monster being torn apart limb-from-limb.

So does this mean that Clemson is the new Death Overlord of college football now? I don’t know. Maybe, who cares? All that matters right now is that Alabama got a steaming heaping helping of what they’ve been dishing out to everyone else for a decade and they did not seem to like it one little bit. Everyone else found it delicious.