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Podcast: Florida, KSU, and Radio Play-By-Play Announcer Andrew Monaco

Special thanks to Andrew, who was extremely generous with his time

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NCAA Basketball: Texas A&M at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

About the episode:

The guys recap a solid recovery from the prior week’s nonsense before an extended conversation with Andrew Monaco, the play-by-play voice for Texas A&M Football/Basketball. We dive deep on Andrew’s career, his time at Texas A&M, and his thoughts on the future trajectory of the basketball program.

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How do you feel about this week’s critical home games against #19 LSU and #1 Tennessee?

Connect with our guest:

In the aftermath of Dave South’s retirement, Andrew Monaco was named the primary radio voice for Texas A&M Athletics. Andrew has an ongoing podcast series entitled “Conversations,” where he discusses off-court (and field) life with Aggie Football and Basketball athletes. Last week’s episode featured Wendell Mitchell, and it is available here.

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