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Podcast: Rock Bottom, Large-Scale Issues, and KSU/Big XII Hoops Talk

They say never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. A similar saying probably applies with a live mic and some of the worst basketball we’ve ever seen.

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NCAA Basketball: Mississippi at Texas A&M C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports

About the episode:

The guys recap the worst week of basketball they’ve ever seen while exploring some of the large-scale problems that seem to be plaguing the program. The gang then calls Luke Thompson from Kansas State SBNation site Bring On The Cats to talk KSU basketball, the Big XII / SEC Challenge, and what we can expect when the Wildcats visit Reed Arena this Saturday.

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Can we turn this season around? Is there a path to redemption?

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Luke covers K-State hoops for Kansas State SBNation site Bring On The Cats

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