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Missouri 66, Texas A&M 43

This was the worst performance yet in an already underwhelming season, and the program appears to be in total freefall

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Where on earth do we go from here?

Missouri limped into this game with an 0-3 SEC record, and they were desperate to climb out of the cellar. We were 1-2 in the SEC, and this looked like our best chance to grab a victory in the next three weeks. Things were shaping up to be a close, if not exactly well-played, contest.

Instead, the Tigers embarrassed us in our own gym.

Let’s get this over with.

Box Score

Missouri Carved Us Up Down Low

The Tigers got great shots at will, absolutely destroying a Texas A&M interior defense that had honestly been decent up to this point. We knew the Tigers could shoot from deep - they led the SEC in 3PT% coming into this game, and they generally held firm to their YTD shooting percentage (8-20; 40%) - but we did not know they had the strength to muscle us down low.

It was a sobering realization, and one that really makes me wonder where this team is going moving forward.

A Listless Offense

Dennis Franchione could run a short-side option into the line on 3rd and 9, glance at these Texas A&M Basketball possessions, and legitimately say “Damn, that’s some unimaginative offense.”

Missouri camped in the lane to an almost comical extent and dared us to shoot. Surprise, surprise... we can’t shoot. I have to imagine we’ll see this defensive approach from just about everybody until we reach our listless SEC tournament exit in approximately 7.5 weeks.

Overall Thoughts

Last week, I rode the wave. I felt good about our Kentucky/Alabama performance, and I even said the words “I’m going to be optimistic until the universe tells me I shouldn’t be.” The universe then pistol-whipped me with two of the worst home performances I’ve ever seen.

It’s safe to say pessimism is back in vogue for the time being, and based on this week’s nonsense, it might be my de facto stance for the rest of the year.

Next up is a road trip to the Florida Gators on Tuesday night. Hey, it can’t get worse.

BTHO Florida