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RC Slocum is on the College Football Playoff Committee

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“Surprising everyone: in the number four slot is 8-4 Texas A&M”

R.C. Slocum


Setting: a drab boardroom in a nondescript business park in an indistinguishable Dallas suburb. A general in full military garb sits ramrod-straight in his chair. There are other men in suits around the table, all very serious-looking. They glance nervously at their phones and watches, at the clock on the wall. It is their first meeting, and it’s off to a shaky start because one member has not arrived yet.

“Should we...”

“Let’s just...”

Suddenly a faint rumbling. Distilled mineral water in heavy glasses on the table begins to ripple. The unmistakable sound of a small gasoline engine becomes audible. Even more nervous glances are exchanged. The engine noise grows louder. Beads of sweat have broken out on foreheads. One or two people stand up, but do not know what to do after that.

The double-doors burst open. The final committee member has arrived.

Give ‘em hell, R.C.