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Daily Bull 9.5.18: Welcome Eight Ball The Tiger

The nation’s friendliest mascot is coming to College Station

NCAA Football: Clemson Spring Game Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

We may have been remiss thus far, but better late than never, we suppose. It’s time we officially welcomed Clemson’s crazed and stimulated mascot Eight Ball.

For a touch of background, here are some profile pieces

Please welcome our friend Eight Ball.

It’s not a stretch to assume that Eight Ball may not seamlessly adjust to College Station’s extremely straight-laced vibe. But we think he’ll do fine on game day. So if you see Hunter S. Thompson’s spirit trapped in a plush mascot suit out there on Saturday, doing key bumps behind the port-a-potties and taking long pulls of Dickel out by the grill, give him a friendly wave and “Howdy!”. Just don’t take possession of any mysterious plastic baggies he may offer you.