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Texas A&M 24, Arkansas 17: 10 times I was audibly emotional

We laughed. We shouted a fair bit. We said many things. We won.

2018 Ryder Cup - Previews Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

WHEW! More #content hitting you soon, but this was just an emotional log we kept to track this very volatile ballgame.

Opening kickoff returned for TD

JOYOUS. A full-throated and deep laugh

The first time Donovan made a great tackle and DIDN’T get ejected for targeting.

Hearty guffaw. I knew this was our day at this point. NOTHING ELSE COULD EVER GO WRONG IN THIS GAME, I thought happily

Sternberger knocking the Arkansas DB’s helmet off and talking shit.

Yeah, that was funny. Snort and chortle.

Mond’s first interception

A guttural and deflated groan

Mond’s second interception

Kick in the gut and sit down immediately for a very audible WHOOSH

Missed FG/entire last few seconds of first half

A series of sputtering rage-utterances, laced with mild obscenities.

Small’s second missed FG off the upright

Silent, but both hands immediately went to the forehead with the timeless posture of collapsed hopes. The clangs echoed in my mind over and over...

Trayveon 4th quarter TD

Massive wave of relief: a barked “yes” followed by contented sigh.

Arkansas long TD pass in the 4th

FUCK, shouted emotionally at the window curtains next to me, glancing back at them seconds later with a trace of regret...

Donovan Wilson game-winning interception