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The Daily Bull is Partying Like it’s 1998

Cargo pants are MANDATORY, by the way.

Dat Nguyen #9

GLORIOUS. What better way to embody GRITTINTESS and MENNUL TUFNESS than donning the threads of a team notorious for such qualities? ICYMI the Ags will sport 1998 throwback uniforms for the game against Kentucky on October 6th. If you’re a young ‘un and can’t recall, the ‘98 season was all kinds of fun, and the unis were no exception.

Dante Hall #34

LOOK AT THAT COLLAR, WILL YA? So how are YOU celebrating the 1998 season between now and the special day? I’m wearing a pukka shell necklace while listening to Third Eye Blind and submitting all my work files with a Windows 95 extension. Phat!

BRUSH UP ON SOME RESPECT. Here’s a full report on Nick Saban’s weekly presser for you to peruse so that you may think of specific ways in which to be respectful while interacting with Alabama fans this week. Folks there’s gonna be more class on the Aggie/Alabama Internet this week than a room full of British actors in tuxedos.

THAT SEEMS GOOD IS THAT GOOD. Did you ever sit and think to yourself that college football needed more rankings? Good! Because the CBS Sports 129 is a comprehensive set of...something something. Not sure on their advanced algebraic formulas but we know it’s a nice thing because it’s got us at #19. And also: 5 of the top 9 spots are occupied by SEC teams. This is yet another step in Gary Danielson’s quest for world domination.


Are the zubaz collars the most badass thing you’ve ever seen on a sporting jersey?

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