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FMI Week 3: The Purest Metric

The FMI cares not how good your team is...

NCAA Football: Fresno State at UCLA Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, week 3... the one where we finally get some elbow room around here.

If you are not familiar with the Fan Misery Index, please read the rules here.

The third week of college football is most notable in these parts as the first time that the three game winning and losing streaks can kick in - and since a lot of schools frontload their schedules with lighter fare you can count on some movement. We finally get some good distribution as some fans begin to believe in their teams despite themselves, while others begin to realize that this isn’t just some early-season miscues but portent of something much more grim.

Let’s take a look.


  • As I gaze upon the majesty of that top tier I know that this metric is pure and good. Sure, you got your Bamas and your tOSUs, but look at those bookends. Syracuse and Kentucky fans have witnessed something special these first three weeks, and that is reflected in the FMI. They aren’t happy, but they’re as close as they can get right now.
  • Conversely: New Mexico State. Oh my dear, sweet Aggies. Last week I remarked at how surprised I was that someone could hit the Fifth Circle of fan hell so quickly. Then New Mexico State dug deep down inside and found it within themselves to lose their third game in a row to their in-state rival, hitting THE SEVENTH CIRCLE IN ONLY 3 WEEKS. The FMI will need some annual awards for winners, losers, and Individual Achievement In The Field Of Misery, and at this rate one of those awards is gonna have to be named after New Mexico State.
  • Congrats to UCLA on the double-drop to leapfrog FSU and claim the Sixth Circle all to their own. Chip Kelly’s deal with the devil is more complicated than you initially realized.
  • The FMI has captured the Longhorn fans’ season pretty well IMO. They were as low as the Fourth Circle after laying an egg against Maryland, but that nostalgic toppling of a ranked USC team has them partying like it’s 2005.
  • Nebraska avoided a drop by virtue of inclement weather that delayed their season-opener. That is not unlike getting a stay of execution because they needed to sharpen the axe.
  • More like WhatTheFutgers am I right?

Help me name the “winner’s” trophy in the comments.