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We did what we were supposed to do

Louisiana Monroe v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

You’ll have to forgive me if I’m not hugely thrilled about the outcome of this game. I mean it was a win where we covered a large spread against an overmatched team. We had had both offensive and special team scores as well as a (FINALLY) turnover by our defense. But all that being said it was kind of a mixed bag. Let’s take a look at a few key points.


The tackles struggled mightily. We got penalized for holding all night. Erik McCoy got dinged up and who knows his status for next week. We still ran for 280+ yards and managed to put up 500+ yards of total offense. Mixed bag.


Played a pretty solid, unspectacular game. Ended up going 16/24 for 210 with 1 TD and rushed for 67 yards. Not a bad statline...and it sure seemed like we were trying to work the option/QB run game a bit more to put something on film for Saban’s joyless murderball to think about before next weekend’s game.


First half was not good. ULM had 261 yards in the first half, 171 through the air and 90 on the ground. We locked it down to an extent in the second half, and ULM finished with 225 passing and 105 rushing total. Not a bad second half.


Bro. We got issues here. They kept hitting the comeback route and our CBs just couldnt manage it well. We dont wrap up, we dont tackle well, and we struggle in coverage. That’s concerning with a rejuvinated Bama passing offense coming in next week.


I thought our WRs played well and we distributed the ball all over the place. We had 6 WRs with multiple catches, and I thought our routes were solid and the WRs made a bunch of tough catches. Good job by Dameyune Craig’s group.


Meh sort of night. Good solid performance, but still a few big questions loom with Bama coming. Silver lining: lots of stuff for Jimbo to harp on this week during practice.

BTHO alabama