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Daily Bull 9.14.18: Financials, Burt Reynolds, and Properly Respecting The Tide

Happy Friday, all

Sterling Rates To Fluctuate During Brexit Negotiations Photo Illustration by Matt Cardy/Getty Images


Christ. Aggie Football’s gotten more coverage in Forbes this week than a Warren Buffett-Elon Musk charity supercar drag race down Wall Street. Look, we get it: people love to see hard numbers and tangible columns all lined up on a page to justify the massive amounts of time, emotion, and various resources they put into following this wild sport. Except there’s one catch: it’s a game, and as such is extremely subject to chance and all manner of unpredictable outside factors. Money is not equal to wins. Yes, money can buy you state-of-the-art facilities, a championship coach, and even blue chip players. But it still can’t buy you wins, humility, or self-awareness. How about we tap the brakes on shoving Finance 341 lectures into this wild game played by unpaid students? There’s only one real way to beat Texas, and the vast majority of the internet forum Gordon Gekkos that thump their chests over glowing Forbes pieces are too afraid of losing to want to see the team face them on the actual field of play.


  • We’ve got some college football tonight: Georgia State plays at Memphis at 6:00 on ESPN. The Tigers are a hell of a lot of fun to watch, as usual, and dropped a 22-21 close one at Navy last week.
  • BANDIT! This is a fantastic piece from ESPN about Burt Reynolds and his days as a running back at Florida State, with plenty of insight from his college roommate Lee Corso.
  • RESPECTING THE TIDE! Ole Miss fans on Twitter have done a tremendously classy job of showing proper deference to the Alabama football program this game week. Be sure to scope the official hashtag for ideas on how to properly Respect The Tide next week.
  • This weekend is loaded with treats: TCU-Ohio State, LSU-Auburn, USC-Texas, and loads of other fun ones. Here’s the full TV schedule.

Enjoy your Fridays!