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Daily Bull 8.7.18: Five Reasons Texas A&M Will Win Football Games In 2018

Take it to the bank, folks.

NCAA Football: SEC Football Media Day Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Bold prediction? Perhaps. But it’s true: Texas A&M will win some football games this year. Here’s why.


Nick Starkel! Kellen Mond! There’s a QB battle a-brewin’, but that’s good news for this potentially potent pro attack. Throw in a seasoned and versatile running back and a new star tight end, and you’ve got a recipe for some bruising touchdown drives. The ability of the offense to score more points than weaker opponents will almost certainly help the Aggies win some football games.


Okay, so it’s not quite The Wrecking Crew again...yet. But this could be the deepest front seven that A&M has had since joining the SEC, and safety once again is a strong point with Donovan Wilson returning from injury. Don’t be surprised if the defense’s ability to stop inferior teams from scoring too much is a direct factor in helping the Ags win some football games.


Two words for you. Or really one word and one number. And then another word that is implied by the dollar sign. Anyway: $75 MILLION. If you don’t believe that paying a coach more money than anyone else will inspire him to win more games than anyone else, then you are a naive fool. As we all know, college football is a BUSINESS, and there is a direct correlation between money spent (invested!) and products/results. It’s called a bottom line, and ours is higher than anyone’s.


That’s right: you just can’t rule out science. With the exception of Alabama, Clemson, Auburn, LSU, possibly South Carolina, and perhaps a handful of other games, A&M will almost certainly be a favorite to win most of the rest of the games on the schedule. When the odds are stacked that heavily in your favor, you’re bound to notch a few wins just by rolling out there and taking care of business.


Just kidding, that has absolutely zero impact on anything that happens on the field this year.