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Jimbo Fisher makes cameo in College Football Playoff teaser video

No pressure

Your Texas A&M Aggies begin their 2018 season tomorrow, the first under new head coach Jimbo Fisher. But it’s important that for this year, we keep expectations in check. He’s inherited a roster he didn’t recruit, guys that may not fit his system or completely buy into his culture. So let’s just try to take solace in areas where we’ve improved and not try to get ahead of oursel....wait what’s that?


So ESPN released a teaser video for the College Football Playoff, which includes a lot of stadium shots, generic fan/player actors and exactly one actual football coach: Jimbo.

Will we compete for a national title this year? All but the most redass/maroon-glasses-wearing Aggies will tell you a definitive no. But it’s hard not to admire Jimbo for embracing the pressure. As he’s done since he’s arrived, he’s acknowledged that the reason he was brought here is to win a national championship. In the immortal words of Will Ferrell impersonating George W. Bush: “Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But maybe tomorrow.”

One more day, Ags. We’re gonna get through this.