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Daily Bull 8.27.18: Let’s Have Us a Football Season

It’s here, y’all.

NCAA Football: New Mexico at Texas A&M C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports

We’re about there, folks. In a matter of a few days we absolutely won’t know what to do with ourselves. This system is gathering strength just off the radar, poised to pound our cracked heads with a deluge of the most glorious nonsense this eccentric sport has to offer.

For us, it’s a new chapter. No, scratch that: it’s an entirely new book. All the speculation and buzz and hype is about to finally crystallize into its actual true form. The Jimbo Era will begin to take shape very shortly and it’s going to be an intense ride.

Just a few hasty bits of dime store philosophy I’ve gurgled out of my frenzied brain this morning:

Enjoy the angst-free life. The slate’s brand-new and squeaky-clean. This is a giant blank canvas, and Jimbo’s armed with all the paint $75 million can buy. Right now there is zero baggage and he has made zero coaching mistakes. It’ll be nice to enjoy some football without the unrepentant urge to fire someone rearing its head every time the shit starts trickling into the fan.

Unless we lose this week, of course. Then fire everyone’s ass, am I correct?

Keep being cool to one another. Let me preface this by saying: this community kicks ass. This is a wonderful place for not only Aggies, but all college football fans to gather and shoot the bull and have a great time. But with every new season we get the inevitable newcomers and first-timers. Make them welcome. And if they insist on making themselves unwelcome? Well, that’s their decision. All we can do is try. There’s the entire rest of the internet for people who don’t appreciate it. We’re all here because we like being somewhere a bit different.

Let’s have a real good time. Enjoy the shiny new football machine, particularly all the sparkly bells and whistles that constitute the periphery of college football. That’s our specialty around here. If you’re looking for Moneyball level breakdowns on the footwork of the third-string left guard, well, sorry folks. If you want hairstyle analysis of the same player, that’s more our game around here.

Football is fun. It’s a glorious distraction from the entire rest of everything. Let these next four months soothe your souls.

Breathe. Thursday’ll get here before we know it. We’ve got a full week of stuff to cram into the next three days for you.