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Daily Bull 8.24.18: College Football Time!

Let’s get this Friday going, folks.


TeXaS aNd A&M aReN’t GoNnA pLaY ‘cUz NoBoDy NeEdS nObOdY. We get it. The suits have to get ruffled up and reassure each other that they’re still manly every few months. A week out from football season is a great time to strut your gallant scheduling brinkmanship. Ben Baby with the usual voice of reason.

“However, I agree with Texas AD Chris Del Conte, who said the game will be played again eventually. And with this rivalry, it’d be really hard to schedule a home-and-home and stop again for a few years. Hopefully by 2026, 15 years after the final football game between both schools, we’ll see another installment of the Lone Star Showdown.

”Also, let’s not act like two in-state schools in different Power Five conferences can’t play each other annually. Florida plays Florida State. Clemson plays South Carolina. A&M and Texas can easily add their names to that list.”

15 years should be enough for everyone to cool off, mmhh?


Well, he’s occasionally right? This is just a lot to take in.


Anyone planning on watching college football tomorrow?

Here’s the TV page. Tune in.

PVAMU @ RICE 6 p.m. $espn. Don’t ask me what channel that is. Sounds a bit redundant. Rice kicked the season off last year getting trounced in Australia by Stanford, then having their trip home delayed by Hurricane Harvey. This opener should be easier, although it will be one of the M.O.B.’s rare halftime losses.

Hawaii @ Colorado State 6:30 p.m. CBSSN. Bobo & Rolovich sounds like an ‘80s buddy cop movie starring Don Johnson and Sylvester Stallone. Bobo is the straight-laced guy trying to win by playing within the rules and Rolo’s just out of control. Rams take care of business before playing Colorado on Friday.

Wyoming @ New Mexico State 9 p.m. ESPN2. Hell yes. The Aggies are coming off their first bowl game since the Eisenhower administration (they’re undefeated in bowls!). Wyoming’s been one of the hottest teams in the G5 the last couple of years. This’ll be a fun one to wind down with.