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Daily Bull 8.21.18: The Top 25 is Terrible But Also Very Good

NCAA Football: Washington at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports


The next football/baseball crossover superstar is our own Tyrel Dodson. Look, we all knew he was a great football player, but it’s become increasingly obvious that he’s also an outstanding dude as well. Feels pretty good to have a person like this leading the defense and oh my god is that soft fluttering piano music and the dulcet tones of TOM RINALDI piping up in the background?


The completely meaningless and absolute waste of time preseason AP poll dropped yesterday and wow guess who was ranked and who was not you’ll never believe it. Look, this is all fun and games unless you are unranked, at which point you are obligated to dismiss the preseason poll as worthless. Roll TIDE.

The Ags will certainly have a chance to climb up there. We’ll face off with the top two teams in a two-week span, then throw in number nine a month later as a chaser. That $75 mil ain’t gonna earn itself. We got this poll right where we want it.


The Aggies’ first opponent is heading into this tilt with a razor-sharp focus. In fact, the Demons took a day off from practice yesterday to focus on academics on the first day of fall classes. Northwestern State’s depth chart may drop later this week at this KILLER event:

NSU’s depth chart will likely be touched upon by Laird Thursday when he is the featured speaker at the annual Walk On’s Independence Bowl/NSU Kickoff Luncheon in Shreveport at Superior’s Steakhouse at the corner of Line Avenue and Pierremont Road.

Calling on any Shreveport Ags to infiltrate this sucker and get some intel. To blend in, you’ll need a crisp fishing shirt, a Cadillac SUV, and a rather large cell phone holster.

Have a fun Tuesday and remember everything you read about college football on the Internet is Extremely Serious Business.