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Christian Kirk just had the classiest punt return in NFL preseason history

Class class class

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Aggie great Christian Kirk had his NFL debut over the weekend, and on his very first touch, he made a great cut en route to a 38-yard punt return. It looked like he may have even taken it to the house had he not tripped up around midfield. But we are here to tell you that Kirk’s “stumble” wasn’t an error, it was – in true Aggie fashion – pure class. Here are five reasons why Christian Kirk just had the classiest punt return in this history of NFL preseason football.

  • Class Act #1: Kirk had a punt return for a touchdown in his first college game at Texas A&M, a memory many Aggies cherish. He didn’t want to sully that moment by proving that he can actually do it any time he wants. Class Factor: John Sharp
  • Class Act #2: Kirk has grown close to many of his offensive teammates, and he knew that returning the punt for a touchdown would rob them of key snaps they could use to impress the coaches. His classiness paid off, as the drive resulted in a six-yard reception for fellow Aggie Ricky Seals-Jones and a touchdown run for fellow rookie Chase Edmonds. Class Factor: R. C. Slocum
  • Class Act #3: A touchdown would have no doubt resulted in an immediate commercial break, but following his “stumble,” the broadcast continued throughout the ensuing drive. Credit Mr. Kirk for putting the fans first and ensuring they got that extra bit of commercial-free football. Class Factor: Clayton Heldenfels
  • Class Act #4: You think taking a knee during the national anthem makes a statement? Taking a knee during your punt return shows true dedication to the cause. Class Factor: Reveille I
  • Class Act #5: Kirk could have easily taken this to the house (obviously), but he was looking out for punter and fellow Aggie Drew Kaser. Not only would a missed tackle have severely embarrassed Kaser, but the 83-yard return would have absolutely destroyed his net punting average. Class Factor: Earl Rudder

Thank you, Christian Kirk, for proving to the nation that class is more important than individual accomplishments. You are a true ambassador for Texas A&M. Gig ‘em.