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Grittiest Transfer Ever: Nebraska 3-Star Fullback Ben Miles, Son of Les Miles, is Now an Aggie

Get your full serving of grit all on a Monday

Penn State v Nebraska Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images

Sweat. Blood. The salty rime of sheer Effort. These are just a few of the fluids that encrust the plain and threadbare practice jersey of three-star fullback Ben Miles, who is making his way down from the high plains of the Big Ten to play in the humidity of the division his father once coached in with such aplomb.

The Huskers are entering year one of the Scott Frost era, and his newfangled offense has little room for a traditional fullback. Luckily for Ben Miles, one of his father’s former assistants is now himself entering year one of his tenure and implementing a shift in the other direction at Texas A&M.

Ben will have to sit out this season per transfer rules but expect him to make an immediate impact upon the program regardless. Coach’s son. Three-star. Fullback. Husker. Folks, this is the kind of ‘90s throwback player that we on the Internet can never get enough of.

Look for weight room records and hearts to be broken with equal abandon over the next four years. Welcome home, Ben Miles. Tell your dad that Kyle Field should be ready to taste around mid-August.