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Game Show! British Open Golfer or Backup SEC QB?

These names can get real confusing sometimes.

147th Open Championship - Previews
How can you not love Carnoustie?
Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

I love College Football and professional golf. Yet it’s pretty rare to find a way to link the two. But this week we have the combination of SEC Media Days and The Open Championship at Carnoustie. So I thought this would be a good time to test our readers and make sure they’re ready for the start of college football AND lounging on the couch this weekend watching The Open coverage. As you may know, professional golfers all seem to have similar names. Grew up on Country Clubs, a lot of them from the southern states, and their parents are probably Golf Pricks. (I love Golf Pricks.) And a close cousin of the pro-golfer from the south, is the backup QB on an SEC roster. If you put them in a police lineup with nametags, you’d be hard pressed to tell any of them apart.

This weekend, former A&M golf team member, and NCAA national champion, Bronson Burgoon will be teeing it up at Carnoustie. And Bronson also happens to have the perfect name for a backup SEC QB. So, in each of these 10 pairings, let’s see if you can pick out the British Open golfer. The other is currently on an SEC roster as a backup QB.

So which of the below are golfers playing in The Open Championship this weekend?

A: (1) Braxton Barker or (2) Sean Crocker

B: (1) Chesson Hadley or (2) Allan Walters

C: (1) Beau Hossler or (2) Daulton Hyatt

D: (1) Rip Kirk or (2) Paul Dunne

E: (1) Zac Jancek or (2) Brandon Stone

F: (1) Tyrrell Hatton or (2) Corbett Glick

G: (1) Grant Restmeyer or (2) Russell Knox

H: (1) Walker Wood or (2) Gavin Green

I: (1) Luke List or (2) Wil Appleton

J: (1) Grant Forrest or (2) Bo Schneider

How did you do?

10 of 10 - Congrats! Pour yourself a glass of Johnnie Walker Blue and relax for the next six weeks. You’re ready.

8 or 9 - Not bad at all. Sip on a Balvenie 12 and check out the SEC Network every now and then.

5 to 7 - Hmmm. We need a little work here. Get a bottle of Monkey Shoulder and set your DVR to record ESPN CFB Live.

2 to 4 - You’re just blindly guessing aren’t you. Take a shot of The Famous Grouse and pick up a copy of Phil Steele’s Preview Magazine.

0 to 1 - It’s almost impossible to be this bad. Start chugging some Cutty Sark and remind yourself never to gamble on college football or golf.

(Answer key: A2, B1, C1, D2, E2, F1, G2, H2, I1, J1)