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WATCH: Jimbo Fisher speaks at SEC Media Days

It’s #CoachSpeakSZN

SEC Media Days is underway in Atlanta, and Jimbo Fisher led off the week-long barrage of coachspeak with his own unique brand of fast-talking colloquialisms. You can watch the video above, and we’ve put some of the notable quotes below.

On the difference between football in the ACC versus in the SEC:

“I think the ACC, the quality of play has risen because of the SEC. We said that over there when we were at Florida State in 2013, I think it was seven in a row that the SEC had won national championships. And we were able to break that string and win a national championship, but it brought everyone’s level of play up around you. You either had to...they were gonna run over you, or you were gonna join them.”

On the focus on his big contract:

“Well I kinda like it [pause for laughter]. No, it’s not about the money, it never is. And from what I hear, with the new contract Paul signed I might be the second-highest paid in this league. Finebaum just got him a new did.”

On latest Jameis Winston incident and whether he would still want him as his starting quarterback:

“I don’t know the circumstance with Jameis, I mean, I love Jameis. Hopefully he’ll be able to move on, and obviously it is something he’ll be able to move on from, and yes I love him and still think he is a tremendous young man, I really do. Unfortunately he made some bad decisions this past season or whenever he did it, I don’t know exactly when that was. But I still love him and if you’re ever around him you’ll understand what I mean. There’s not a better team player, the guy works as much as anywhere. But he made a mistake and obviously he’ll pay the consequences for that and he’ll move on.”

On the dateless national championship plaque:

“People are never going to put more pressure on me than I put on myself in this business.This is about dealing with pressure. I thought it was kind of nice. I liked it. He had the same commitment that we did. And I think they -- and they also put their actions in place by the things, the programs and the things and the help and support in which they give our university and the athletic world.”

What’s A&M’s ceiling and how quickly can they get there:

“If I didn’t think we could win national championships I wouldn’t have came here.”

On his players tasked with running the ball and stopping the run:

“Trayveon is a star. He has a thousand yard season before and can run the football. But more important, I like his leadership. I think he’s very diverse, catching the ball, doing things out of the backfield. I was very pleased this spring. Keke is here with us today. Durham upfront. Clemons upfront. Daylon Mack I thought made as much progress this spring as anyone we had, 320 some pounds. You have Peevy coming back, Rogers in there, Diallo, a junior college guy coming in, Brown, Wright, Wilson. There’s a great group of guys that are mixing in that group. Guys that put their hand in the dirt in this league on the other side make a difference. I think that’s what separates this league from any other league in football. I think the defensive lineman across the board that everyone has. You have to be dominant in those areas. I’m pleased with their progress.

Of course, we’re not where we want to be. At the same time, we have the potential to be. I like the work ethic in the summer we had. I’m really anxious to see how the fall comes.”