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Texas A&M Will Run the Dang Ball at SEC Media Days

The secondary focus: stopping the dang run

NCAA Football: Belk Bowl-Wake Forest vs Texas A&M Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The full list of SEC players attending next week’s annual media frenzy has dropped, and the Aggies are going heavy.

Running back Trayveon Williams, center Erik McCoy, and defensive tackle Kingsley Keke will be representing Jimbo Fisher’s revolutionary new approach: being tough in the trenches in the SEC.

This is clearly a message to the rest of the league: look out. No more punters or wide receivers at #SECMD under this sheriff, no sir. Just big uglies and tough, every-down grinder running backs.

  • In addition to seeing how well he is able to bulldoze the weak parroted queries out of legions of earnest, uncreative journalists, Fisher also hopes to evaluate his star center’s ability to audible on the go and adjust to opposing lines of questioning from unexpectedly frank reporters.
  • In Keke, he hopes to see a marked ability to fend off mindless blather and penetrate quickly to the heart of the questioning, putting pressure on magazine writers and bloggers alike to think quickly and either deliver a meaningful thought or get knocked to their chairs, dazed and uncomprehending, until the next player is made available at the podium.
  • Fisher has no doubts about Williams’ ability to deftly sidestep bland, cellophane-packaged bumbling out of the hordes of attacking zombie-journos, but he hopes to obtain a more complete picture of his star running back’s stamina over the week. Can he hold up to 50, 60, even 100 inane, stoddering soundbytes in a row?

All of these factors will give him a real picture of what to expect out of his team down the road in a few months when they reach the meat of SEC press conferences. Be sure to tune in if you have absolutely nothing better to do.