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Daily Bull 6.29.18: FINANCIAL ROUNDUP

It’s business. It’s business time.

Markets Take Steep Dive Amid Continue Trade Tensions Between U.S. And China Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Good morning, all. Thought I’d ping you this morning w/r/t this week’s flurry of encouraging fiduciary updates. Specifically:


*in revenue: but hey, the actual football success is just a matter of time, isn’t it? hello?

All you moneyheads out there with Wall Street foam fingers, this is your crowning moment. Rejoice in the epic victory that creatively-manipulated financial reporting has generated on behalf of the school you hold so dear, and be sure to gloat about it online accordingly.


Something something coaching changes something new sheriff in town something recruiting dominance, et. al. Repeat every few months. Jimbo Fisher is doing good recruiting and Tom Herman’s honeymoon is over, while Lincoln Riley is doing okay but we don’t really care or somesuch. See, the “order” is what we deem it to be, not historical reality. It pains me to even scour this superficially in order to provide the most peripheral of summaries, but just trying to stick to the theme. And if you don’t think recruiting hinges on the financial world, honey, I’ve got a chain chicken finger restaurant on University to sell you.


Finally, something juicy. Former Gator OL and BBQ aficionado Andy Staples takes a deeeep dive and lays out the entire behind-the-scenes drama that led to Texas A&M Head Coach Jimbo Fisher. This is a fun read: it showcases the determination of the University to push the football program to that next level, but it doesn’t shy away at showcasing the cartoonish antics of John Sharp & co. Give it a click, it won’t bite ya.

That’s all we’ve got for this fine Friday. Have a profitable weekend.


Which CFB fan subset makes you roll your eyes the hardest?

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    Those who gloat over revenue rankings
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