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Daily Bull 6.13.18: The Power of Interpretive Mascot Dance

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards 2017 - Red Carpet Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Summertime. Lazy days, hot afternoons, long naps on the couch. And that’s before you even tried to watch baseball! HEY-oh

When Von Miller goes to a baseball game, he goes ready. Prepared. He’s fully suited up and looks like he could walk out there and play center field and bat third and crank out a double and couple RBIs. The glove is neatly tucked into his back pocket, for Pete’s sake.

But he can’t sneak into the game because he’s challenged by Bull Moose. Sort of a security contractor for the team. He challenges Von to a dance-off, and Von gives himself away: no real baseball player has moves like this.

The Moose is no slouch either. Encumbered though he is by a heavy rack of antlers and a bulky fur-suit, the mascot is still able to hold his own in this dance-off.

But it’s still Von Miller dancing, which is distilled and concentrated sports joy.