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Coach Tim Brewster is Dressed Industry Casual

Summer Coachwear is here

NCAA Football: Florida State Media Day Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

FOLKS,,, it appears from a variety of glowing tweets that huge things are happening on the recruiting trail. In other words, kids who just finished 11th grade have said they are going to come to A&M. We all know that teens never change their minds and that all of them treat this sacred and hallowed commitment with the due reverence it requires and that middle-aged men on the Internet never get disproportionately excited about it.

But there’s something else going on as well. Tim Brewster has made a huge splash with his emoji-based recruiting strategy, but this weekend he’s taken this casual, “kid-friendly” approach one step further: he’s dressin’ casual.


if you please

From head to toe, no coach could embody a more DGAF look if they consciously tried. Which...I don’t believe to be true in Brew’s case. I believe this is a very cultivated, “relaxed” look that he’s going for. I would wager the cost of a Kyle Field bottle of water that he consulted with at least one youth in his target age range on how far to take this casual look. And God bless ‘em, they went balls to the wall.


Three-day grizzled stubble. Hair looks like Hannibal Lecter just woke up from a 2-day sedation nap. Shit-eatin’ grin. This is the countenance of a 50-something who’s pushing the limits of acceptable workplace antics and finding there aren’t really too many to worry about.


Hell, if I started my own ridiculous hashtag and had the immense resources of an entire world-class University behind me, I’d market and sell clothing with the hashtag on it in order to make it seem like it’s a catchy thing that people naturally take to as well. No shame in playing your own trumpet, Coach.


  • Big Lebowski Trivia Night at Applebee’s-ass-shorts.
  • Your dad got these as a gift 12 years ago but this year is busting them out in order to look casual at the beach
  • Zach Morris summer job-ass shorts
  • You can get these shorts for $10 at Buc-ee’s
  • or
  • You can get these shorts for $90 at Brooks Brothers
  • These shorts come with an $8 cigar, a 15-over-par scorecard, and an unlimited supply of puns
  • Haven’t seen a coach look this good in shortpants since the early ‘90s.


Flip-flops are back! One of the more tangible perks of the Kyle Field renovation is that it’s now safe to wear such things into the men’s restrooms again. We love the piss troughs on this here web site, but it was a bit of a dicey proposition when wearing summer casual open toe dandies on your feet. Coach Brew’s just gettin’ the word out that chanclas are kosher again.


Verdict? Go for it, Coach Tim. If no one’s gonna stop you, we’re here to help you feel relaxed. The Summer of Brewster has arrived.