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Daily Bull 5.8.18: Tuesday Top Five Tuesdays

Happy #LIST Season

New Orleans Lets The Good Times Roll At Mardi Gras Celebration
“Show us your lists!”
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Hello! We’re now into the warmest months of the year, a very special time of year. Won’t bore you with the exact scientific details, but basically, the proximity of the sun heats up our brainpans until we thirst for a constant diet of Lists. Off-season college football lists cover all the bases: they feed us just enough to keep us interested without giving the game away. They give us that sweet release of anger and indignation when something we like doesn’t make an arbitrary list. And they let us all see who everyone else considers listworthy. An open and free exchange of lists is exactly what the founders of the college football Internet had in mind.

So today we do a list. A Tuesday list of Tuesdays for that special little day tucked away unobtrusively in the front of the week.

Five Pretty Good Tuesdays In This Blog’s Opinion

Fat Tuesday. The beginning of Mardi Gras. The literal binge of eating all those delicious foods that you plan to deprive yourself of during Lent. Day drinking and parades in the soft February mists. This is when we shake off the cobwebs and congratulate ourselves for getting through that beast of a January.

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012. This day was special in the way that all days in December 2012 were special: the football team was on top of the world. The Heisman had just arrived in College Station. And we made a Christmas Album. (Like the program, the blog may have peaked in 2012.)

Tuesday’s Gone. The Skynyrd song happens to be the best of the small group of songs about Tuesdays. Tuesday Afternoon and Ruby Tuesday are both fine songs, but The Moody Blues and mid-’60s Hippie Stones aren’t as straight up my alley. Let’s fight about music in the comments because we are all bored.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013. Remember the only off-season where Johnny Manziel was a star in College Station? Well, that’s when we got excited about things like Longhorn tattoos spotted in photographs. Remember also that it was later proven to be a fake. Then it was indicative of a widespread tattoo epidemic sweeping the program.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014. Johnny Manziel got drafted by the Harlem Globetrotters. This was basically the tail end of two years of being able to go pluck a Johnny Manziel story out of thin air when the #content started getting sparse. Not like this article at all.

Make your own best Tuesdays today.