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Daily Bull 5.7.18: Let’s Play a Rivalry Game

Who could it be now?



Folks, we’ve seen some brazen and empty braggadocio over the past year from Aggies desperate to justify the endless piles of cash that have been shoveled at the football program in the past several years to try to help it attempt to keep pace with the elites. (See also: “reactions, Jimbo hire”.) But this one takes it to another level.

OK. Yeah. OK. Couple things. Maybe more. We’ll see how it shakes out.

  • You know there’s an intern in the AD whose job it is to specifically track money spent on creating custom graphics (or “SICK EDITZ” as we know them in the #industry). Think about this the next time you recall how you just mopped up puke like everyone else in your part-time college job.
  • Spending money, believe it or not, does not automatically equal a win (stick with me here). And spending the most money, well...perhaps at that point you should wait until results are solidly proven before quietly acknowledging the fact that it cost you. Advertising it beforehand is like the arrogant band with all the most expensive equipment asking to get blown off the stage by real musicians at BANDFEST because they can’t really play. (You know that awkward, teenage, coming-of-age movie that you saw where this was the plot? Well, recruiting is that same formulaic, predictable construct unfolding every single year with no lessons ever being learned.)
  • We spent MORE THAN TEXAS, therefore, WE ARE BETTER.
  • (But really, we don’t think very much about Texas anymore, we are better off without them.)
  • But still, here is an entire article that couches the notion that one school’s spending more money on the absolutely unpredictable bottomless pit of fortune and chance that is college football recruiting is somehow a “victory” over another school.
  • So, bring back the fucking game already.


If we’re not going to put our considerable money where our even more considerable mouth is and actually play Texas, let’s at least get some non-con opponents with some bite. Thinking along the lines of UCLA and Clemson these past few years. Prime stuff.

Well, here’s this fanbase who now dislikes us even more than most others.

HOOO boy. Strip down the inherent Internet apocalypse that comes pre-packaged with this pairing, and we’ve got quite an interesting matchup. Two programs desperate for a return to glory, fierce inter-conference rivalry, and plenty of bad blood. If we can’t feed pure hatred into a pre-existing historic rivalry, then manufactured hatred and rivalries will have to do.


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