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The Best College Football is Played in New York City

NCAA Football: Pinstripe Bowl-Boston College vs Iowa Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

What can’t New York City do better than your hometown? We know that New Yorkers have perfected Bourbon, BBQ, and Sex, but did you know that Manhattan is the home of the best college football in the world?

What makes college football great? There are two major ingredients, as I see it: close games and Big 12 teams losing. No one has stacked up more competency in these areas than New York City.

Average Scoring Margin of some teams (2017-18)

Texas A&M: +1.3

Pinstripe Bowl Winner: +7.0

Baylor: -12.4 (haha, ordered by absolute value)

Clemson: +16.8

Oklahoma: +18.1

Georgia: +20.0

Ohio State: +22.1

Alabama: +24.4

While Texas A&M is arguably a more exciting team than the Pinstripe Bowl winner based on this detailed analysis, most of the close margins were realized during road games. Also consider the inferior Bourbon, BBQ, and Sex quality in Texas to make the entire state irrelevant to any conversation involving enjoyment.

Big 12 Losing

In the Pinstripe Bowl, Big 12 teams are 0-3 all-time (.000) with Kansas State, Iowa State, and West Virginia losing in 2010-2012. The game is currently held between ACC and Big Ten conference teams so the Big 12 will potentially never win a Pinstripe Bowl game. This makes the Pinstripe Bowl marginally better than, say, Kansas at Big 12 losses. Kansas beat Texas 24-21 in 2016. This is the only win for Kansas over Texas in Kansas State coach Bill Snyder’s lifetime if you want to understand the historical significance.

This concludes the ironclad case for New York City producing the best college football in the world. Better luck next year, SEC.