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SEC on CBS: The first three weeks of the 2018 schedule

The Aggies won’t be on CBS during the first few weeks of September.

NCAA Basketball: SEC Conference Tournament Championship-Tennessee vs Kentucky Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

GREETINGS! Hope we all had a wonderful 3, 4, 5, or 6-day weekend. Time to plow through this summer, and CBS has dropped their schedule for the first three key conference matchups on us.

No, no Aggies. Guess SECNetwork jumped on that Northwestern State matchup super early. Ah, nevertheless. There’s some fun stuff in weeks 1-3. All times 2:30 Central.

WEEK 1: Tennessee v. West Virginia (Belk Kickoff, Charlotte)

Hoo boy. Let’s spurn the instinct to make the millionth and first APPALACHIA LOL joke and dig a bit deeper. Specifically, how tragic it is that Butch Jones couldn’t have managed to cling to life for one more summer just so that we could watch Holgo masterfully troll the absolute shit out of him for an entire week of pressers.

WEEK 2: Georgia @ South Carolina

South Carolina has won four of the last eight in this series! They surprised a ton of people by winning nine games in Muschamp’s first year! The game’s in Columbia! Folks, this has all the markings of the media jumping on the TRAP GAME wagon. It is also a game coached by Will Muschamp, and will therefore inevitably be a 14-13 game late in the third quarter before Georgia blows it open.

WEEK 3: LSU @ Auburn

That faint vein-popping noise you hear is the apoplectic rage of LSU fans at having to play this game during daylight hours YET AGAIN. Don’t worry, Spicy Tiger fans, based on your last visit to Jordan-Hare, nothing could possiblie go wrong.

What do we think? Which games get picked up for the rest of September? I’mma hang up and lissen.