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Daily Bull 5.15.18: Christian Kirk was Arrested at a Golf Tournament

A true SEC legend

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New Mexico v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Yesterday, we all learned that second-round draft pick Christian Kirk was actually arrested back in February at a golf tournament. According to reports,

“The suspects were intoxicated and leaving the WMPO,” Scottsdale Police said. “As they were walking through a parking lot, security personnel observed them throwing rocks at cars and breaking a window of at least one of them.”

Let’s get the obvious out of the way immediately.

MaKeS u ThInK. Anyway, this is a silly, petty, juvenile, foolish crime. Humans day-drinking in the desert have been known to get up to far worse. The Waste Management Phoenix Open is a special variety of golf tournament. It’s like Chilifest multiplied by a hundred and wrapped around a full-sized golf course out in the middle of nowhere. This is probably not even in the top half of most egregious vandalism that occurred in the parking lot. But it’s still property damage, and you can’t go around busting windows all willy-nilly, no matter what the car looks like.

Perhaps there are exceptions.

Take your lumps on this one. Let them escort you to the air-conditioned jail tent for some fluids, go home and get yelled at by your folks, and learn from the mistake. This is a dumb and silly arrest. But it would have been dumber and sillier if it had actually impacted Kirk’s draft position. He’s got a long way to go crime-wise before he’s in the upper echelon of NFL offenders.