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Transfer season is in full swing for Shane Johnson

STARZ 'Power' Season 4 L.A. Screening And Party
one of these men is named “Shane Johnson” just like the walk-on QB who is leaving A&M
Photo by Todd Williamson/Getty Images for STARZ

Welp, the honeymoon couldn’t last forever. Jimbo Fisher has put together a solid first six months of work as the new Aggie coach, but even his surreal supermagnetic personality and spark could not prevent another quarterback from jumping ship.

Sure, Shane Johnson was a walk-on who was trying his hand at a big-name program before settling for a smaller school, but you gotta be able to build up that depth at QB. We’re talking a solid six-deep. Eight is even better. Can’t have another December 2015 mass exodus on our hands. After all, that was the apparent death knell for Kevin Sumlin.

Where will this attrition end? Another walk-on QB taking reps at receiver? A junior considering leaving early for the Draft? Nick Starkel skipping the chance to be photographed at a Justin Bieber concert this summer? Only time will tell where the madness ends, while we’re left holding the broken pieces and praying fervently that our first five quarterbacks don’t get injured simultaneously.