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A Muster Speech

Bandera County skyline

We like to have fun here. 90% of the time this is just a carefree spot to get our various perspectives on the latest happenings with A&M sports, the SEC overall, college football, or even the world in general. But a small percentage of the time, we like to dive deep, shining a light on Aggie traditions like Muster or the arcane history of Aggie Yells.

I’m tied to the place I grew up. My life now is in the city, but I keep a steady eye on that line of jagged hills on the horizon, and it’s usually pulling at me. Saturday afternoon we took the meandering, 80-minute drive up to the venue just outside Medina and it was calming, as it always is, but also laced with purpose. I got to speak at the Aggie Muster in Bandera County. It’s one of the most rewarding and meaningful experiences I’ve ever had. Sincere appreciation goes to those who invited us and hosted the event. It was a great evening with some old familiar faces and a few new ones.

This is what I said. There was a technical hiccup. There always is. And I’m not completely at ease with public speaking; I prefer the relative seclusion of the keyboard. But it was meaningful to me, and the purpose was to share that meaning, so here it is.