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On Aggie Muster 2018

Tomorrow Muster will be celebrated all over the world.


Howdy, all.

Tomorrow is Muster. Muster is special, and you should make time for Muster for all manner of various reasons, many of which can be summed up here.

This year, there’s something different happening. At sunrise tomorrow, there will be a complete, global muster roll call on campus. This is believed to be the first time in nearly a century (or perhaps ever) that this has happened. Over 1,600 names will be read by over 50 Aggies, and the entire thing will take around 2 hours. You can watch it all on a livestream.

I will be tuning in early to watch. Tomorrow evening I’ll be headed to the Bandera County Muster (where I grew up, and where I’ll be speaking. No, I don’t know why they asked me either, but I will be on my best behavior.) It’s not often that Muster falls on a Saturday, so it’s a good year to carve out a couple hours to find the one nearest you here on this map.