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Daily Bull 3.26.18: Never Tell Us The Odds

Place your SEC national title bets

Stevie Nicks Performs At The Grand Opening Of Park Theater In Las Vegas Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

HAPPY MONDAY, FOLKS. Get some coffee in you, we’ve got one more week of March to knock off.

Football offseason is approaching the Spring Practice Peak. From there we’ll ride a small crest of enthusiasm on through the NFL Draft before things subside once again into the doldrums that take us out to Media Days in July. Enjoy it, or take whatever from it that you can in some form. Big Gambling is here for you with the freshest odds on each SEC squad to win the natty.

Here’s the full list:

Alabama: +210

Georgia: +1000

Auburn: +2500

LSU: +5000

Florida: +6000

Texas A&M: +7500

Mississippi State: +10000

Missouri: +10000

Tennessee: +20000

South Carolina: +50000

Arkansas: +50000

Kentucky: +50000

Ole Miss: +50000

Vanderbilt: +50000


Bama +210— yawn. Wake us up when 10 of their starters transfer at once and the odds drop fractionally to make things interesting.

Georgia +1000— SEE?!?!? All a school has to do is hire a Saban assistant and immediately they’re on equal footing, no really, it’s proven science now, surely we’ll see this trend continue without end until each SEC school is coached by a Saban disciple and Nick surprises everyone by busting out the Air Raid.

Auburn +2500— This is the year. Yep, it finally comes together. No, please ignore that shaky September OT win against Southern Miss. This top 5 ranking is totally deserved. Yes, Gus has pulled magic out of his visor once aga— oh, sorry, you have inexplicably lost to Tennessee.

LSU +5000— LSU football may be many things, but it’s not boring. Name another team that can constantly be in the thick of its division race by running an offense consisting solely of sweeps and reverses.

Florida +6000—
Vegas Numbers Junkie #1: “oh shit, should we put another East team somewhere near the top? It feels like we probably should.”
Vegas Numbers Junkie #2: “yeah, good call. Who’s the clear cut #2 this year?”
VNJ1: “.....”
VNJ2: “....”
VNJ1: “...uh, Florida?”
VNJ2: “Florida it is, then.”


Mississippi State, Mizzou +10000— Time to split hairs here. The important takeaway here is that each of these teams is still twice as likely to win a title as Tennessee.

Tennessee +20000— The rich, lasting legacy of Butch Jones.

South Carolina, Kentucky, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt +50000— The good news? Texas A&M plays four of these five teams in 2018. The bad news? Texas A&M has to beat all four of these teams in 2018 or people will laugh.

What do we think? Have a fun Monday.