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Daily Bull 3.20.18: What’s Happening at Texas A&M Spring Football Practice?

Whoa, that snuck up on us

NCAA Football: Belk Bowl-Wake Forest vs Texas A&M Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

HOWDY, friends. Big week in Aggie sports—both hoops teams are in the Sweet Sixteens, and almost as impressively, spring football practice has begun. Every single year spring practice brings us a whirlwind of jaw-dropping and stunning news that shatters our perceptions and reshapes the entire football program. This year is no different. Here’s what’s going down:

There is a QB battle.

That’s right! No one’s job is safe. That incumbent starter had better use the motivation provided by the talented youngster who filled in for him admirably when he was injured. This could go right down to August before we get a final decision.

The new strength coach is TOUGH!

Wow, this guy has the team doing crazy workouts! Makes the previous strength coach look like Mr. Rogers. It’s amazing we could even field an upright team in the fourth quarters of games last season, that’s how amazing this new guy’s workouts are compared to last year.

Look for an AGGRESSIVE defense!

The new defensive coordinator has his boys flying around to the ball and dishing out big licks. All that ho-hum ordinary defense we’ve seen over the past few years is going to be a distant memory come fall, when this new defensive coach implements a completely original gameplan that will baffle all SEC offenses.

Big shoes to fill.

Once again, the Aggies have lost their most talented player early to the NFL Draft. Not to worry, thanks to the recruiting efforts of the previous coach, we’re stocked with approximately 32 wide receivers on the roster, all of whom are prime candidates to step into a superstar role.

There’s a new attitude surrounding this team!

New coaching, new atmosphere. No more of that...whatever the previous attitude was. No siree, this year it’s all about focus and working hard and simple winning. This spring practice is where the whole thing comes together and clicks. All of the players are completely all-in on whatever the new attitude is. If you can’t pick up on that excitement and catch the fever, well that only speaks to your poor attitude as a fan. Why are you even following football?