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Dale E. Bull 2.9.18

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 30 Arkansas at Texas A&M Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Hey, let’s name the place where rich Ags will sleep and poop! The new Holiday Inn Holidome being built next to Kyle Field has been officially named. From our friends at KBTX:

The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents are naming the new hotel and conference center at the College Station campus

Oh GOOD. The creative, humble branding experts known as the Board of Regents are naming the eight story strip mall.

after a former student

Ah yes. Those favors do end up coming home to roost, BOR.

The regents unanimously voted to name the buildings after Doug Pitcock. The 1949 graduate made a name for himself in the construction world, later becoming the co-founder, partner, president and CEO of Williams Brothers Construction, a company he built into one of the nation’s largest highway construction firms.

A HIGHWAY MOGUL. NICE. That’s Rockefeller/Vanderbilt stuff. If anyone knows how to work a room of overpaid, empty suits spending other peoples’ money it’s a man who made his fortune on government contracts that probably never went to bid. The American Way.

So to recap, we now have the Doug Pitcock ‘49 Hotel and Conference Center. That will be fun to say for all the receptionists answering the phones.

Fun for all of us, really.

No. 1: “Where are y’all staying for the game?”

No. 2: “Well my dad just sold some land to a Saudi prince, so we’re staying at the Pit Cock.”

Shackin’ up at the olde Cock with the rich olds.


Don’t look at the first reply.

Y’all should read this behind the scenes look of Jimbo on signing day. This should be a salve for your off season wounds. Good shit here from Dennis Dodd at CBS. A few takeaways:

  • Jimbo is the epitome of the middle aged bachelor with a little change in his pocket. He goes sockless - a low key, respectable Golf Prick move that I employ myself.
  • I need to know where this guy gets his motor. Much is made of Fisher’s massive contract, but the truth is that his job is BUSY. A lot of football coaches badly want to get to the NFL because it somehow FREES UP your schedule. Major college coaches have to be ON all the time. There is always an audience - media, recruits, recruits’ moms, donors who need their brass set shined, the aforementioned goddamn BOR, FANS... It is endless. You have to have your best foot foward all the time. A-B-C... Always Be Closing... which brings me to...
  • My god this guy can sell. He has been here like six weeks and he knows how to pump the tires of his stakeholders (shout out to our marketing guru Chet Norsworth for the jargon):

“This school is utterly amazing. Top 20 public university. Top 10 in jobs coming out. More alumni than anybody.


“The Aggie network is like a cult: They take care of Aggies. There are more CEOs of more Fortune 500 companies from here than any school in America. Not Harvard, Yale, Princeton, any of that.”

[feverishly rubbing own nipples] OW OW OWWWWWWWW WE ARE ALL CEOS! YOW! MORE!

Jimbo’s 12-year-old son is coming to town for a hunting trip with A&M chancellor John Sharp. According to Fisher, they will shoot game out of a helicopter.

”This can be everything you want here,” Jimbo sums up, at least from a football standpoint. “You sew up your state, bust your ass. You get that 18-22 guys. Why can’t you be everything in the world?

”I’m not saying it arrogantly, [because] we’ve done it everywhere.”


What I’m saying is - Jimbo is a delightful fellow comfortable in his own skin and I am buying everything he’s selling because he’s undefeated at Texas A&M.

That’s all I got. BTHO Kentucky. Love you guys.