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Daily Bull 2.5.18: Happy Belated Groundhog Day

Get ready for living the same routine over and over and over and

Bill Murray In 'Groundhog Day' Photo by Columbia Pictures/Getty Images

Friday was one of our favorite holidays:

Then it’s the same old schtick. The guy with the big stick raps on the door. They pull the little rat out. They talk to him. The rat talks back and then they tell us what’s gonna happen.

We’re talking, of course, about the age-olde (read: since 2011) Internet argument: Which Team Is Better: Texas or A&M?

With the Super Bowl in the books, there is no more pretense of actual sport in the football universe for about seven more months. Enjoy the constant drone of peripheral speculation about which coach is “dominating” a state because he got high school juniors to tweet out positive things about one school or another from their verified accounts. Life for the foreseeable future is a sad and simple matter of waking up to the same routine every day, where the script has been pre-ordained by the most frightening influencer in the college football internet—THE RECRUITING INDUSTRY. Oh, the impending headlines:

  • Tom Herman Ate Migas While Listening To The Migos And Recruits Went CRAZY (by recruits we mean recruiting analysts natch)
  • Jimbo Fisher Carries This Junction Pebble In His Jeans Pocket During Every Home Visit And It Made One Recruit’s Veteran Grandfather Cry
  • Aggies Secure Future Legacy With Dynamic 2028 Kicker Commit
  • The Longhorns Have Inked Every Linebacker In The DFW Metroplex Thanks To These Five Simple Steps!
  • The Recruiting Battle Is Over. You won’t BELIEVE who won!

....and so on and so forth et cetera. Softball TV ratings will be scrutinized. Attendance smack will be engaged in. But the true measure of in-state dominance will always remain on the shoulders of high school students who just want to play football. Every online industry expert is going to be crowing about the impact that untested 17 year-olds will have on massively-entrenched, multimillion-dollar football enterprises. The gloating over signing day would be hilarious if it weren’t so earnest in some circles. We have to push through this endless loop until one morning we wake up and it’s just a little different.

Don’t worry; the end will be here in several months, then we’ll get a respite in the cycle for a short time while the actual sport gets played before it begins all over again.

Rise and shine, campers. And don’t forget your booties because the taeks are COOOOLD out there.

If only there were a solution floating out there in this crazy complex world for determining the better football team.

“Winter slumbering in the open air...wears on his smiling face...a dream of spring.
Ciao! “