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Aggie Football season opener moved to Thursday night

Are we all in agreement that this is kinda dumb?

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Texas A&M
Artists rendering of anticipated attendance of a Thursday night game against at Southland Conference opponent.
John Glaser-USA TODAY Sports

Regardless of the opponent, that first college football Saturday is always something special. Tailgating all day with friends while watching all of the other games befo...I’m sorry what?


This will really push the boundaries of how much Jimbo Fisher hype will drive attendance. As devoted as Aggie fans are, getting to a football game on a Thursday night is a pain in the ass even if you’re just coming from Houston, let alone Dallas or beyond. Throw in the fact that they’re playing the Southland Conference powerhouse Northwestern State Demons and this could be a recipe for disaster. It might be really awkward if the camera pans around Kyle Field only to see thousands of empty seats in Fisher’s much-anticipated Aggieland debut.

Ultimately kickoff times are solely driven by TV, and the Aggies likely had very little say in the matter if the SEC Network wanted to move the game to Thursday night. And sure, you have less competition for eyeballs on a Thursday night than you will on a very crowded slate of games two days later. That doesn’t mean it won’t still suck for those trying to actually attend the game.

Suddenly those 11 a.m. Saturday kickoffs don’t seem so bad.