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Daily Bull 2.20.18: Tim Brewster is in the Best Conference

The Aggie star recruiter is a huge fan of conferences.

Denver Broncos 2006 Headshots

Good morning. The Interwebs were all aflutter last night when Texas A&M TE coach Tim Brewster took to Twitter to engage in a bit of conference chest-puffing.

Despite the fact that most of the top recruits in Texas actually chose...Texas, a Big 12 school. Apparently those recruits are no longer elite because of their lack of “understanding.” Lots of subtle nuances in this whole recruiting game. Anyway, it wasn’t the first time he’s stumped for his home conference. In fact, only seven short months ago he was convinced that the ACC was the best.

Can’t argue with #Facts, especially with three sets of double exclamation points. This isn’t new, though. Brewster has been intrigued with the conference superiority debate for quite some time apparently.

Tim, hate to break it to you, but Mizzou fans aren’t really excited about much in general. This was taken during his time as a sideline reporter at Fox Sports, so it was a bit more objective. Let’s delve into Brewster’s complete history of conference pride during his coaching career.

October 25, 2008: Brewster’s Minnesota team defeats Purdue to climb to 7-1 and a #20 ranking in the polls. He takes to his newly-created Facebook page to declare the Big Ten the “undisputed finest conference in the land.” He’s proved not completely inaccurate when he loses his next five games in a row.

December, 2005: Takes to MySpace to declare the Denver Broncos the most dominant team in AFC West history.

December, 2004: Takes to Friendster to declare the San Diego Chargers the most dominant team in AFC West history.

November, 2001: On the eve of the #3 Texas Longhorns’ Big 12 Championship matchup against the #9 Colorado Buffaloes, Longhorns TE coach Brewster takes to the local Houston airwaves to talk about the incredible strength and parity of the conference. He was right!

December 30, 1993: On the eve of the Gator Bowl, #12 (10-2) North Carolina special teams coach Tim Brewster faxes every single Tarheels’ prospect informing them of the supremacy of the ACC. Alabama would beat them the following day by two touchdowns.

1986: Purdue graduate assistant Timothy Brewster records a “Super Bowl Shuffle” style rap video about how the Big Ten is the finest conference in college football. Senior linebacker Kevin Sumlin is not amused.

Have we missed any of Tim Brewster’s conference rallying cries? Were there some minor historical inaccuracies? Let us know.