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Starks named FOTW; A&M returns to Top 25; Wilson confirmed out

Texas A&M returns to the Top 25, Starks named FOTW, and Wilson confirmed out for the season

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Texas A&M C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports

After a hectic weekend containing a super-fun sellout win over #24 Kentucky and the discipline of Jay Jay Chandler (indefinitely suspended) and JJ Caldwell (removed from the program), Aggie Hoops is keeping the news train rolling.

First the good news: We’re back in the rankings

We also picked up a nifty ‘Team of the Week’ award, which doesn’t count for much in terms of substance, but is a nice recognition of our resurgence on a national scale.

And finally, TJ Starks picked up SEC Freshman of the Week honors

Unfortunately... the good news train ends here. Something we all feared was confirmed this morning, as Duane Wilson announced that his collegiate career has been cut short due to injury.

When Wilson came off the floor on Saturday, he walked right under our seats... and he was just openly sobbing into his jersey. This guy continued to play hard for this program with a partially torn ACL, and it was clear how much his collegiate career meant to him.

Best of luck at the next level, Duane. And even though you were only here for a year, you left a huge, positive mark on this program. Get well soon.


Next up is a tough road game at Mizzou tomorrow night, where the BPI (a computer program who loves us dearly) still only gives us a 33% chance to win. Given that we just lost three reserve guards in 24 hours, those odds do not seem likely to improve. We’ll need a special effort from a thin rotation to pull this one out.

BTHO Mizzou